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Better World Fashion was born out of a need to do better - socially, environmentally, and for the world. We are working to change our current buy-and-throw-away culture and revolutionizing the way we produce, sell, and own products.

We want to live in a world where consumption isn't associated with negative connotations. We want to spread the message that things don't lose value because they are used. Instead, they can be upcycled to create new value! We love design and fashion, and we want to take you on a journey where together we can help you create a better world.

Each piece of clothing today is used on average just 6-7 times before being discarded. 93% of the clothing ends up in the trash, although it could be recycled.



Better World Fashion started in Denmark in 2015 with a dream of creating sustainable high-end fashion with minimal impact on the world around us through using reclaimed materials.

We were born on Kickstarter with support from people like you, and we were able to start the production of our very first products: sustainable leather jackets made of 98% upcycled materials, from old leather jackets, plastic bottles, and metal.

Today the product range has expanded, featuring the classic minimalistic functionality of Danish design to include bags, watches, sunglasses, and lifestyle accessories, and our designers are still working on new initiatives. You will find happy owners of our stunning, one-of-a-kind, guilt-free products in over 60 different countries around the world.


What’s going on in the fashion industry?

Our planet cannot keep up with our ever-increasing spending habits, which are encouraged by companies producing clothing quickly, cheaply and efficiently. We have become accustomed to using things for short periods of time and quickly getting rid of them.

The world needs change. We consume linearly: produce, buy, and throw out - again and again and again. The time has come for us to create new consumer habits.

We want to live in a world where consumption is not associated with negative influences. We are creating a new consumer culture in which you can live both fashionably and sustainably.

If all products were created circularly like ours, increasing consumption would not be a problem. With our products, your style can change and evolve frequently, and you can still be a sustainable consumer.

Closed Loop Circularity

Better World Fashion products are produced circularly in a closed loop, made from 98% upcycled materials. They are brand new and of high quality. We transform used leather, discarded plastic bottles and recycled wood and metal into new modern leather jackets, bags and other lifestyle products.

We offer a rental subscription option so that you can have more flexibility and your style can evolve with you over time. And even better – each and every Better World Fashion product comes with a lifetime buy-back guarantee: you get 50% off a new Better World Fashion product in the same price category when you return your old product to us.

That way, we can produce new products — created from the materials of your old products.

Read more about Better World Fashion and our sustainability practices or send us a message!
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