Let Your Style Grow With You

With a clothing rental subsciption service, Better World Fashion gives your style the opportunity to grow with you. Our products are made out of genuine 100% recycled leather and designed to last. We understand that your style, size, and budget will change throughout your life. Who wants to be limited to wearing the same jacket year after year after year? By renting your clothes, you don't have to commit to a one-time purchase and you have the freedom and flexibility to experiment with your style.

Wear a black leather jacket through the winter, a brown leather jacket in the summer and red in the fall - the possibilities are endless! Your style will evolve with you. Change up the color or model of your Better World Fashion so that it reflects who you are right now.

How do I rent with Better World Fashion?

  1. Browse the shop and choose which of Better World Fashion's sustainable & unique leather jackets and bags you just have to try.
  2. Click the 'Rent It!' button on the product page.
  3. For  20 a month, for a minimum of 4 months, wear it as often as you like!
  4. Choose your next on the website - when it's time to send it back, pop it back in the box and send it back to us! Your next jacket will already be on its way back to you.
  5. If you love it, continue renting for a total of 24 months, and then its yours for good! If you can't wait, make it yours now and buy it by clicking 'keep forever'
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