Sustainability at Better World Fashion

Being a sustainable consumer is a complex journey and usually connected to saying no: to eating red meat, to flying on vacation, to buying new things.

Our stance is clear: consuming is not a problem when products are created responsibly.

We want our customers to continue to be able to say yes: to feel good about using our products and good about being a part of the solution and doing good for the environment.    

We will not compromise on style or sustainability.  We show that existing elements can be combined to create sustainable styles. Better World Fashion creates exclusive and stylish leather jackets, bags, and lifestyle accessories while prioritizing social & environmental responsibility in relation to our products, our production methods, and the people who create them.


Handcrafted by Adults

Better World Fashion prioritizes social responsibility especially in relation to the people take part in the production processes through emphasizing the working conditions of individuals who manufacture our products.

When selecting partners, it was crucial that their values ​​match ours. From the very beginning, we chose a family-owned company in Poland as the right partner to handle our production process. They have extensive expertise in the textile industry, and the geographical proximity ensures a close cooperation.

With them, we are sure that our products are made by adults who work in good conditions and are not exposed to toxic chemicals. We are proud to offer fashionable and sustainable products - while guaranteeing fair and responsible production conditions.

Products & Production

Upcycled Materials

The planets resources are important and their lives should be extended. All materials in our products, with the exception of the sewing thread, have lived past lives. We will not use additional resources to produce new ones when our desired resources are readily available.
All our jackets and bags are made of upcycled leather, where we retain the original value of the leather. Once a BWF jacket has lived its life, we recycle the leather to make bags and backpacks. That way the leather stays in a closed loop. Furthermore, with our rental option and buy-back agreement, we offer our customers freedom and flexibility.
With our buy-back guarantee, when a jacket has been on the adventures it should, the leather is used again to produce bags and other lifestyle products. In this way, we are doing everything we can to reduce pollution, eliminate the concept of 'waste', and extend the life of the materials we use.


At Better World Fashion, we work with upcycling vintage leather jackets that are collected by our NGO partners in Denmark to handcraft timeless and stunning, sustainable leather lifestyle products. Every vintage leather jacket we receive from our NGO partners is cleaned with saw dust and undergoes a complete deconstruction. Our designs are cut out of the pieces of vintage leather.


The pieces are sewn together with lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Finally, detailing zippers and buttons made of re-melted metal are added. The result is a world-class Better World Fashion jacket.


Leather is durable. Be good to your BWF product - and it will be your true friend: environmentally friendly, trustworthy and reliable. We are a circular company that designs and produces high-quality, long-lasting, slow-fashion products.


Our circular business model is an impact business and we are known for the difference we make.

We have created the world's most sustainable leather jackets. Our leather products create minimal negative environmental impact because we upcycle materials.  Below you can see the difference in how one of our jackets affects the outside world compared to a traditional leather jacket made from virgin matrrials.

Compared to the industry standard, our jackets produce just 1 kg of CO2 due to emissions from transport. We use no water, no chemicals and create no waste as we work with a closed circuit model. Therefore, our negative environmental impact is minimal. We show that it is possible to produce fashionable products without creating negative environmental impacts.

So far, the overall difference is:

  • 8,000 kg. Co2
  • 170,000 L of water
  • 3,000 kg. waste
  • 1.875 kg. chemicals

The main difference is made by the people who bought our jackets. Together, we show that we can create a new consumer culture that has a positive impact on the world around us.

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