Get 50% Off Your Next Better World Fashion Purchase 

Every single item from Better World Fashion comes with a lifetime buy-back guarantee: at any point in time when you send your used Better World Fashion product back to us, you get 50% off your next purchase in the same product category!

Why do you want it back?

No matter if you fell off your bike and put a hole in it, or if you just decided that you want to try a different style or color, we want it back! The patina leather gets through use means that it becomes more unique over time, and the polyester lining and metal detailing can be remelted again and again.

Better World Fashion products are produced circularly, minimizing waste and maximizing material lifetime. In this way, we can ensure that our products are handled responsibly even after you're done with it. 

Whenever you decide you've outgrown your Better World Fashion product, you can send it back to us and the materials will be cycled through a next production to become something else.

Through the closed loop Better World Fashion circle of life, your jacket might become an apron, which might become a bag, which might become oven mitts, which might become a keychain!

How does the buy-back guarantee work?

To claim your guarantee, use the contact form, send us an email us at with the subject 'buy-back guarantee', or chat with us!  

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