Fashion and sustainability

Our stance is clear. Consuming is not a problem when products are created properly. We will not compromise on fashion or sustainability. We show that the elements can be combined - and offer an easy, convenient and flexible solution for anyone who loves fashion and sustainability.

How does it work?

Leather is our primary raw material - and we carefully select fur fabrics that are collected by our NGO partners in Denmark. All materials in our products, with the exception of the sewing thread, have been part of previous leather jackets. We will not use additional resources to produce new ones when our desired resources are readily available.

So how does it work - precisely?

Every leather jacket we receive from our NGO partners undergoes a complete deconstruction. The jackets are cleaned in sawdust, after which templates for our designs are placed on the leather pieces. Then the pieces are sewn together with linings made from recycled plastic bottles. Finally, zippers and buttons are added. The result is a world-class Better World Fashion jacket.

Since our jackets are sewn together from individually selected materials, they are all one-of-a-kind and unique. When a jacket has been on the adventures it should, we use the leather to produce backpacks and handbags so that it can be reused again. We do everything to extend the life of the fur, reduce pollution, and do away with the concept of 'waste'. Our goal is to create products for you that will be fashionably and sustainably dressed.
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