Why we started Better World Fashion - and what it means to us, the world and you.

What's the problem?
There is no going back. The world needs change. Our current consumption creates economic value, but has enormous social and environmental consequences. Over-consumption, which has existed in recent decades, has resulted in pollution, resource scarcity and human rights violations. Valuable resources have been lost along the way and our planet cannot keep up with our ever-increasing spending habits. We all need to meet basic needs - such as having a home, food and clothing on the body. We are working to change our current buy-and-throw-away culture.

We know that challenges create opportunities. Recycling and recycling is a great solution. We show that it is possible to live both fashionably and sustainably.

What’s going on in the fashion industry?
Produce - Buy - Discard
Today, many companies produce clothing quickly, cheaply and efficiently. We have become accustomed to having a huge consumer committee, to using things for short periods of time and quickly getting rid of them. We get rid of things long before they are worn out. Today, each piece of clothing is used on average 6-7 times before being discarded. 93% of the clothing ends up in the trash, although it could be recycled. 80% of discarded clothing still has approx. two-thirds of his life back. Isn't that crazy? We produce, we buy and throw out - again and again. The time has come for us to create new consumer habits.

What can we do - and what do you get out of it?
Consumption need not be a problem. If all products were created like ours, increasing consumption would not be a problem. We have created Better World Fashion so that you can continue your consumer behavior with frequent replacement.

Better World Fashion helps create a new consumer culture that means you can live in a fashionable and sustainable way. With our products you can change style frequently and at the same time be a sustainable consumer. We want to live in a world where consumption is not associated with negative influences. That's why we offer leasing and repurchases. We want to spread the message that things do not lose their value because they become worn out. They, on the other hand, can be reused and create new value. We love fashion - and we want to invite you on a journey where together we can contribute to creating a slightly better world.
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