Leather & Materials

We use 100% recycled leather for our jackets and bags. The leather is collected by our NGO partners in Denmark, and is a second generation of leather garments. Leather is a valuable resource and can be reused several times. Therefore, it is important that we extend the life of leather goods. We ensure that the leather is used until worn. We have the same approach to our lining, which is high quality recycled polyester made from recycled plastic. Our buttons and zippers are remelted and recycled YKK hardware. The sewing thread is the only part that is not recycled.

Produced by adults

Working sustainably is not just about materials but also about people. When selecting potential partners, it was crucial that their values ​​match ours. We identified a family-owned company in Poland as the right partner to handle the production process. You can be sure that your jacket or bag is made by grown-ups who work in good conditions.

No waste

Our products are based on a cyclical business model because we believe that waste is a thing of the past. All our jackets and bags are made of up-cycled leather, where we retain the original value of the leather. Once a BWF jacket has lived its life, we recycle the leather to make bags and backpacks. That way the leather stays in a closed circuit. Furthermore, with our lease and buy-back agreement, we offer great freedom and flexibility to our customers.


Leather is durable. Be good to your BWF product - and it will be your true friend: environmentally friendly, trustworthy and reliable. We are a circular company that designs and produces high-quality, long-lasting, slow-fashion products.
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