Our circular business model is an impact business and we are known for the difference we make.

We have created the world's most sustainable leather jackets. With each jacket and bag comes a number of influences in the outside world. Below you can see the difference in how one of our jackets affects the outside world - compared to a traditional leather jacket.

Our leather products create minimal negative environmental impact because we recycle materials. Compared to the industry standard, our jackets produce just 1 kg. CO2 due to emissions from transport. We use no water, no chemicals and create no waste as we work with a closed circuit model. Therefore, our negative environmental impact is minimal. We show that it is possible to produce fashionable products without creating negative environmental impacts. So far, the overall difference is as follows:

8,000 kg. Co2
170,000 L of water
3,000 kg. waste
1.875 kg. chemicals

The difference is made by the people who bought our jackets. It shows that together we can create a new consumer culture that has a positive impact on the outside world.
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