A new leather jacket made of used leather jackets. With lining of recycled plastic and buttons of remelted metal. 98% up-cycling. For both women and men.

Probably the world’s most sustainable leather jacket.

98% REUSE – 100% UNIQUE

BWF’s leather jackets are as unique as our customers and as they embark on their incredible lives they become even more so, because our jackets are made to become a living record of the people who own them – with virtually no impact on the environment.

Three Wishes – One jacket

We came up with something different – a garment that goes on for ever, keeps you warm and eternally stylish, a fashion industry first, a jacket in an endless state of flux. It can be redesigned to keep you in harmony with the zeitgeist and the environment, while reusing valuable raw materials and keeping waste to the minimum. We reclaim, repurchase and revive – even recycling the lives of the jacket’s owners!


BWF is a sustainable alternative, which supports your wallet and your environmental conscience – without compromising your fashion sense.

So how does it work?

Well, you can buy or lease our jackets – use your jacket as often as you like, take it around the world – BUT JUST remember when you have finished with it, bring it back, so we can buy it off you and put it into our recycling process to make another stunning jacket from it.

No one is 100 % sustainable – but we are very close!

So we’re proud of our first collection. Leather, lining and zips – all recyclable. Combine that with our business model,
and we think we can confidently say that the world’s most sustainable
jacket has arrived!
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Can your jacket talk ?

Better World Fashions jackets are pieces of art! Each jacket is made from the leather of many different recycled jackets, which makes it unique. Every piece of leather has its own story.


Imagine if your jacket could talk! One might have travelled the world, another might have a love story from Paris and a third might have just been the wardrobe favourite.


The stories live on in your jacket. With our unique storytelling system, it is possible to add your experiences to your jacket’s story and share it with the rest of the world.

Why leather?

There is still hope! 

The leather industry is one of the most toxic industries in the world. Because of the chemicals it uses, it generates a huge environmental cost. Chromium, known to be carcinogenic, is used in large amounts, and the same is true for acids, sodium and ammonia salts – that’s without mentioning the huge number of animals, who die in the process!

BWF is the alternative to traditional leather production because we don’t use any chemicals and insignificant amount of water and no animal has to die. Buy a BWF jacket so we can hold on to the hope for a greener world.

At BWF we believe in people. We refuse to believe that there are consumers who deliberately want to pollute, since with BWF there is an alternative.

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New business concept


A new way to shop. 

With us recycling is key! We create new out of old, reuse and develop a new life – again and again, a circular economy that underpins the central concept behind BWF.

We have created payment solutions, which ensure the longevity of BWF jackets. This lets you save time and money protect the environment and stay at the cutting edge of fashion.
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Be a green innovator

wear better world fashion

How much does it cost then? 

Our payment concept has two solutions – repayment or leasing.

Buyback: gives you the opportunity to buy one of our jackets for 2900,- with the option of our buyback scheme. This means that you can return the jacket when you have finished with it after use, and then get a 50 % discount on your next jacket. Perfect if you are want the jacket for a while.

Leasing: lets you use our subscription model. Here you pay 189,- monthly, and you can change your jacket once every 6 months. Perfect for you, if like to change your clothes regularly!

Payment solutions are tailored to both your taste and your conscience.

”The Better World Fashion Family” 


We call our first collection of jackets, the Better World Fashion family, three women’s jackets, and three styles for men.
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Women’s jackets              Men’s jackets

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