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Recycled Leather jackets for women

98% REUSE, 100% UNIQUE

Leather jackets - as individual as you are

More fashion, less waste! We offer recycled leather jackets for women that combine fashion, quality and sustainability in three unique designs. Our designer jackets are made from 100% handcrafted recycled leather, premium second-generation polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and re-melted zippers and buttons. Every jacket is 98% re-use, 100% unique and made in Europe. We offer designer leather jackets for women that are both stylish and environmental-friendly. Better World Fashion's designer leather jackets  bring the best of two worlds together: Sustainability and Danish design. You could call a Better World Fashion leather jacket an embodiment of style and social responsibility. You can buy our jackets or decide to lease them.

We offer probably the world's most sustainable leather jacket, we have easy access to unique garments and we keep the value of clothes, by revolutionizing the relationship we have with our clothes. Our jackets are 98% re-use, 100% unique, Danish Design, made in Europe.  Who are we? Better World Fashion is an award-winning sustainable pioneer and we have been rewarded for our ground-breaking, innovative journey. Our circular business model received the attention of the renowned Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the world's leading expert on the circular economy that published a case study about Better World Fashion. We are B-Corp certified and the first Danish company that received the 'Best for the Environment' certificate.

Lease and buy back

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Sustainable and fashionable

Our unique recycled leather jackets for women fit all occasions and cover different styles and moods. Whether you decide for the fierce TANJA, the classic DAYANA or the western-inspired EIK or for all of them, you can be sure to make a truly fashionable and sustainable choice. Every little detail of the leather jacket was part of a former leather jacket. Utilizing old leather garments in the production of new leather jackets is not only good for the environment, it is also great for you as you get your individual jacket. You can be sure that your jacket is 100% unique and you will find no other match in the whole world!

Each and every of Better World's Fashion's leather jackets for women are well fitted, true in size and will adapt to your shape like a second skin. Better World Fashion offers you a 100 % unique leather jacket, combining fashion and sustainability in our recycled leather jackets for women. Sustainable, environmental-friendly, social responsible and fashionable. With our new leather jackets, made from recycled leather, those keywords are no longer contradicting each other – they leverage each other.

We chose leather as a material, as it is not just only a beautiful and natural material, but becomes even better and more beautiful with time. You know that a great leather jacket is a must-have in the closet, as it fits all occasions and is timeless. Sustainability for us means, that we aim to pro-long our jackets’ lifecycles as much as possible. We offer FREE international shipping and a buyback scheme, where a new jacket can be bought at a 50% discount rate, when the old Better World Fashion jacket is returned. Then the leather can once again be part of a new production line or become up-graded and thereby cycles longer and keeps its value. No waste is created. It’s also possible to decide for leasing, which means that you can rent our jackets.

Fashion passes, style remains – and so do our leather jackets. Which unique and stylish leather jacket does your fashionista heart desire?

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"We loved everything about their leasing and return concept, their circular business model and vision for the brand."

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"Better World Fashion is a sustainability pioneer in the fashion industry."

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