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Recycled Leather jackets for men

98% REUSE, 100% UNIQUE

A premium leather jacket

No regrets, no restrictions, no compromises. That’s what Better World fashion is built on. We offer high-quality sustainable leather jackets for men, made from 100% handcrafted re-cycled leather, second-generation premium polyester made from plastic bottles and re-melted zippers and buttons. Our collection of quality designer leatherjackets for men currently entails three unique designs, so you can choose between the typical biker jacket, our beloved vintage biker jacket or a more classic street design. All our jackets are one-of-a-kind statement pieces, as we never have the same leather composition twice. You can either buy our jackets or lease them. All of our leather jackets for men are 98% re-use, 100% unique, Danish design and made in Europe.

A Better World Fashion jacket is probably the most sustainable leather jacket in this world as nearly all used materials are second-generation garments. We are pioneers in the textile business, because we want to revolutionize the relationship we have with our clothes and keep their value.  Our sustainable journey has been rewarded by some environmental experts within the industry. As the first Danish company ever, we received the certificate ‘Best for the Environment’ and are very proud to be B-corp-certified. Being truly circular by heart, we received the attention of one of the world’s leading experts on the circular economy, the renowned Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Lease and buy back

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Sustainability and high quality

All our leather jackets are made of recycled leather materials from former leather jackets - therefore, all our leather jackets are 98 % reuse – 100 % unique. Better World Fashion currently offers three different designs of leather jackets for men: The maverick ALEX, the classic THOMAS and the biker jacket PETER. They all are Danish design, made in Europe and a designer's fit. They all are true in size and will adapt to your body shape like a second skin.

How can leather be sustainable? Nearly all materials used in our production are recycled. The only part that is not 100% sustainable yet, is the sewing thread. Why leather? It simply is the perfect raw material for reuse and recycling. It gets even better over time, which makes it an amazing material to work with. And by using second-generation materials, we can offer a product based on natural premium materials that offer both high quality and sustainability.  All leather jackets undergo a complete deconstruction and reconstruction, which makes it possible for us to offer new leather jackets based on recycled materials. The result is an individual leather jacket that fits all occasions.

We offer FREE international shipping! You can buy or lease our recycled leather jackets for men and enjoy a leather jacket at high quality with maximum convenience and freedom. All jackets come with a buyback-guarantee, which means that once you might grew tired of your Better World fashion leather jacket you can simply ship it back to us and will get 50% discount on a new jacket. What’s happening with the old leather jacket then? It will be part of a new production line and thereby keep its value. No waste is created. Or you can sign up for leasing, which basically works similar as leasing a car, only with the difference that you lease one of our leather jackets for men in this case. However you decide you can be sure, that your choice is sustainable, environmental-friendly and of high quality.

With us, you don’t have to choose between style and sustainability, we combine the two in one jacket. Whether you decide for a typical biker jacket, a more classic or vintage leather jacket or all of them, you choose high quality, fair production standards and a leather jacket that can accompany you a lifetime.

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"We loved everything about their leasing and return concept, their circular business model and vision for the brand."

B Corporation


"Better World Fashion is a sustainability pioneer in the fashion industry."

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