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Why we do it

Why Better World Fashion started – and what it means for us, the world and you.

What’s the problem?

The world is in urgent need of some change. Whereas our current system created some economic value, it is surprisingly wasteful in its overall value creation. The overconsumption of the last decades resulted in pollution, resource scarcity and the violation of human rights. A lot of valuable resources are lost among the way and our planet cannot keep up with our steadily increasing consumption needs. However, we all need a place to live, something to eat and something to wear. These are basic needs. And it is a challenge to change a system that is based on the current ‘produce – buy – dispose’ model (linear economy).

But with challenges come opportunities. Recycling is a first solution and has been on the rise for some decades. The circular economy is the next logical step. Within all the mentioned areas (housing, lifestyle, food, fashion, etc.) new value can be created.

We picked the fashion industry as the area, where we wanted to be a value creator.

What’s going on in the fashion industry?

Produce – Buy – Dispose

We got so efficient on producing things faster, cheaper and more efficient, that we have a great amount of choices – all the time. We are used to wear and use items for some time and then discard them, once WE are done with them. Not once THEY are actually done. We are used to discard items much earlier than they would actually be needed to.  On average, all clothes are only washed 6-7 times before they are discarded, 93% of all clothes end up in the trash, even though they could be recycled and 80 % of all discarded clothes would still have left around two thirds of their life ahead. Isn’t that crazy? We produce and buy and dispose and produce and buy and dispose – again and again and again. Aren’t we smarter than that?

So – what can we do and what’s in for you?

It’s not about buying clothes and owning them for a lifetime. Especially when we are young, we need to change our clothes regularly as we grow and need new clothes. But once we became adults and basically keep the same size (more or less ;)) – is it all about working a lot for buying things we actually don´t need? We don’t think so. That’s why we started.

At Better World Fashion we want to make things different and offer you the possibility to enjoy fashion, while being sustainable. We believe that it’s possible to change styles on a regular basis – just with a suitable model. That’s why we offer our leasing and buyback agreements. We want to offer a guilt-free solution, where we get a new attachment to the things we own. Instead of losing value, we are constantly  focused on keeping and creating new value. We love fashion, but we think we can be smart at the same time! So join us on our journey and let’s make this world a bit better every day.

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