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Our manifest

The world is in need of something new.
Not new things.
But new ideas.
Better World Fashion is a new idea.
We revolutionize the way we produce, sell and own clothes.

We revolutionize the way we produce clothes. And while our product consists of used materials, it is still new: We transform used leather, discarded plastic bottles and recycled metal into new, modern leather jackets. It almost sounds too simple to be true, we know. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact on the world. And that's what's needed.  

We revolutionize the way we sell and own our clothes. You can buy your jacket. But you can also rent it. No matter what, you can simply return the jacket, once you think it’s time for something new in your life. You can order a new jacket – and the parts of your previous jacket will become part of a new jacket. Thereby we can pro-long the lives of our jackets and make sure to use all precious resources in the best possible way. And that’s where we all get more free, as we don’t need to own many things. It’s all about sharing. And that's what's needed.  

We revolutionize the relationship we have with our clothes. Our jackets are not just jackets. They come with a personality and are your companions on your everyday adventure. Moments pass, the story stays. Our jackets keep the stories of special moments alive and will pass it on to a new generation. No moment will be lost and all moments will become part of new stories. In this way, we all get more connected. And that's what's needed.  

There is no revolution without you. You, who wants to make a difference in this world and write new stories. You, who cares about today and tomorrow. You, who wants to contribute to a better world. Our jackets cannot go alone on an adventure. They need you for taking them out there. We cannot do it alone. We need to do it together.  And that's what's needed.  

Better World Fashion..