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The Concept

98 % Reuse – 100 % Unique

A new leather jacket made of used leather jackets. With lining of recycled plastic and buttons of re-melted metal. Sounds crazy? No, sounds awesome!  All our products are 98 % reuse and 100 % unique - pure Danish design, responsibly produced in Poland. Our jackets are probably the world’s most sustainable leather jackets and we offer them for both women and men. Want to know more about how we do it?

Lease and Buy-Back

You want to enjoy maximal freedom and convenience? With our leasing opportunity you don’t have to buy a jacket – you can rent it! All our Better World fashion jackets come with a unlimited buyback guarantee, meaning that you will get a 50% discount on a new jacket, when you return an old Better World Fashion jacket. Want to know more about BuyBack or Leasing?

Shipping and 365 days of return

Get 100% satisfaction guarantee with Better World Fashion! We offer free international shipping and 365 days of return, regardless of volume! Deliveries within Europe take usually 1-4 days and internationally 3-10 days, from the day you received your shipping confirmation. Want to know more about shipping or returns?

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