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We buy your leather

Send us your old leather and get a discount

Want a discount on your jacket? Send us your old leather and we will convert this into a discount. We buy your leather for 13,50 EUR / kg. Just send the old leather to us and we will give you a discount on your new jacket. Max. 4kg pr. customer.

Or you have this old leather jacket, you are emotionally attached to, but not that much connected in terms of style anymore? Well, we might have there something for you. Due to our up-cycling expertise, we know how to create new unique statement pieces from leather pieces that have been loved and already seen some parts of the world. Why not taking this jacket, your grandpa owned and you really like, back to everyday-life instead of hiding and keeping it in the wardrobe- just for the sake of the memory? With us, you can keep the memory and create new memories on the way. The parts of the leather jacket will be taken apart before they become part of the new jacket design that you choose. And don’t worry- we know what we do, your leather and memories will be safe with us.

Leather is like wine – it just gets better with time. Let’s take it on a new journey.

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