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Get 50% discount on a new jacket!

Leather is meant to be used - and reused. It's getting even better over time.


All BWF jackets include an unlimited 50 % buyback guarantee. The buyback guarantee is simple. If you feel like breaking up with your favorite jacket at some point, you can send it back to us and get 50% off on a new one. We are happy to get our jackets back, once you grew tired of them or once you might have been unlucky enough to damage them. When you decide that it's time for a buyback, the process is simple. Go into our shop and choose a new jacket. When you receive your new jacket, simply put the old jacket into the box your new jacket arrived with, and return it to us. When we receive the jacket, we will reimburse you with 50% of the purchasing price.


Please remember, that the buyback guarantee is unlimited. You can wear the jacket for a month or years - as long as we can see that it is one of our BWF jackets, you can always utilize the Buy-Back guarantee.  

Please note that also if you are not interested in getting 50% discount on your new jacket – it would be still amazing if you return your old jacket. The environment will be thankful. And we are too, so that we of course will cover the shipping.

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