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How we do it


Style and sustainability

Consumption is not a problem, if products are designed in the right way. We don’t want to sacrifice either style or sustainability and that’s why we combine both. Our offer is a convenient, flexible solution, for everyone, who loves fashion and the environment. And the most important: We want to show that it’s possible.

Sometimes we are surprised that many experience our way of doing things as revolutionizing. And yes we offer a new take on how to produce, sell and own our clothes. But is that not actually something we should expect from all kind of producers?

How is it working?

We handpick reclaimed leather, collected by our NGO partners in Denmark. Each part of our Better World Fashion’s leather jackets has been part of a previous leather jacket. This means, the leather we use, already exists, has been loved and been part of adventures. We don’t see the point of exploiting further resources, when all the resources already exist around us and we have easy access to them. That’s why we want to give already existing leather a second chance, by making it the raw material for our production.

So how does it work in detail?

Every leather jacket we get handed over by our NGO partners, undergoes a complete deconstruction and gets cleaned in sawdust. Our tailors hand-place the individual leather pieces, before they can become part of one of our jacket designs. In the next step, the leather pieces get sewn together with the linen that comes from recycled plastic bottles. In the last step the zippers and buttons get added. The result is a tailor-made, handcrafted premium leather jacket. Because all our jackets are sewn together from individually picked hand-placed materials, all our jackets are one-of-a-kind pieces. In case the lifecycle of our jackets comes to an ultimate end, we take their leather parts for producing new backpacks and handbags. So the leather can cycle once again. This means, we do everything for extending the lifecycle of our products and for creating less pollution and out-designing the concept of 'waste'.   

Our goal is a guilt-free, convenient solution for everyone, who is concerned about the planet’s future, but doesn’t want to choose between style and sustainability. We simply offer both at the same time.

Better World Fashion..