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For us, sustainability starts with our products, but also implies our social impact. Our social conscience is all the time ON, which means, that we have a strong focus on the individuals that are part of the production process and who make it possible that our jackets get alive.

When we started to look for possible production partners, it was very important for us, that we share the same values. We identified one family-owned business in Poland as a great match. This is due to the geographical proximity. Instead of manufacturing in South East Asia, our production facility in Poland allows a great coordination and cooperation, not mentioning the CO2 emissions that can be saved. The employees have good working conditions and are not exposed to toxic chemicals. This is due to our up-cycling process: the collected leather gets taken apart, cleaned in sawdust and gets sewn together. No further chemicals are used and the damage belongs to the past.

Our partners in Poland started with us straight from the beginning. They have a huge expertise in the textile business and we are very happy that they are on board with us. With them, we can ensure that our jackets are only sewn by grown-ups. We are very happy to not only offer a sustainable product, but also being able to guarantee fair and social production conditions.  

We are very proud of this arrangement that shows that it is possible to align both fashion and fair production standards.

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