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A circular impact business

Our circular business model is an impact business and we are known for the impact we create. How does our model make an impact?

We have designed one of the most sustainable pieces of textile ever designed. When buying it, our customers have a positive impact on nature and society. Below you can see the positive impact from one of our jackets, compared to a traditional leather jacket.

As we reuse materials, our jackets literally come without any negative environmental impact. Compared to the industry standard our jackets produce only 1 kg of CO2, due to transport emissions. We use zero water, zero chemicals and create zero waste as we operate on a closed-loop model. Thereby our negative environmental impact is nearly zero. Sounds crazy? No, sounds awesome! It shows that it is possible to design products that can be consumed without creating any negative environmental impact. So far, the combined impact, made possible by all our customers has exceeded:

8,000 kg. Co2
170,000 L of water.
3.000 kg. of waste.
1.875 kg. of chemicals

This impact has been made by the people, who bought out jackets. It shows that we need to do things together for contributing to a better world.  

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