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Leather & Fabrics

Leather & FabricsWe only use 100% repurposed leather, collected by our NGO partners in Denmark. This means, that all the leather we use for jacket and bags are old second-hand leather garments, collected by our NGO partners.  Leather is a very valuable resource and can be reused repeatedly. Therefore, it is important that we prolong the lifespan of leather goods.  We make sure, that leather is used until it is worn down. We follow the same approach for the linen. Our linen is made from 100% premium recycled polyester, made from reused plastics. Also, our buttons and zippers are re-melted, recycled and premium YKK hardware, exact for that purpose. Bulletproof. The sewing is the only part that comes from non-recycled materials yet.

Made by Grown-ups

Made by Grown-upsBeing sustainable starts with the fabrics, as well as focusing on the people, that are involved in all steps of the production processes. When we started to look for possible production partners, it was very important for us that we partner with matching values. We identified one family-owned business in Poland as a great match. This is due to the geographical proximity, which allows a great coordination and cooperation, not mentioning the CO2 emissions that can be saved. Our partners in Poland started with us straight from the beginning. They have a huge expertise in the textile business and we are very happy to have them on board with us.

No Waste

No WasteFor us, our jackets and you, waste belongs to the past, because BWF's products are reused repeatedly. Our BWF jackets and bags are made from up-cycled leather, where we keep the original value of the leather and out-design 'waste' already in this first step. Once, the life of a BWF jacket comes to an ultimate end, we re-use it again and make bags and backpacks from it. This means, that the leather again stays in a closed loop. But even before, we try to increase the lifetime of our products as much as possible, by repairing and upgrading them. Plus, with our leasing and buyback agreements, we offer great flexibility and freedom to our customers.


QualityLeather is tough. Be nice to your BWF product and it will be your true Danish friend: Eco-friendly, trustworthy and reliable. We design and produce our jackets to be premium quality. Why? Because we operate on circular business and plan to get the jacket back. This is your guarantee that the jackets and bags are top quality.

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