Our jackets

Meet 6 jackets   

Here you’ll meet the first 6 members of our family. We are talking about three sisters, and three brothers who all ensure sustainability and give you a clear conscience. We will keep on adding various new designs continuously. The jackets are named out of respect to the volunteers, who have put invaluable effort in making Better World Fashion a reality.

Behind each jacket there is the name of a person that Better World Fashion wishes to acknowledge and thank. Without them, we wouldn’t have got this far.


If you have any suggestions or good ideas for our new products and designs, please feel free to contact us.

Being hardcore is cool…
Looking good is awesome.
Wearing sustainable is the best

You can find our jackets on the following pages:

See all of our Women’s jackets

See all of our Men’s jackets

The story behind your jackets

It is said that: ”One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and this is exactly the philosophy carrying Better World Fashion. We’d like to know where our jackets have been, what they have been through, and why they have been returned.

This is why BWF has created a unique system, with the option of reading each jacket’s unique story. Who has had it, which concerts did it attend, and what other experiences does it have. You can follow each jacket’s story and add to it, so it will be remembered for ever.

When the jacket is worn out and can no longer be worn, we will recycle the skin – so your story will keep on spreading to the next generation’s jackets.


Recycled gold

It is our dream of a new sustainable consumption that is behind the idea of BWF so we knew where to put our effort. We have optimized every facet of production to increase the sustainability of our jackets and we are proud of the results.

The one and only!

At BTW we want our brand to make a statement and we want you to admire both our products and our philosophy so much that you want to make that statement with us. Meanwhile our products also help you make a style statement that makes you feel good.

That’s why we want to be able to share with you the ultimate in jackets because we want this to be your favourite jacket and not just ‘any old jacket’. We want this to be ‘the jacket’. That’s why we want you to find the jacket you are comfortable with, the jacket which makes you feel like this is your jacket, we want our jackets to be so special that they fit you and your personality like a glove.