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Sustainable design – the Next wave of fashion

Clothes and textiles are a basic need that we cannot avoid and that creates a problem because the textile industry in its current form is one of the most polluting in the world and our “fast fashion” fads are threatening to suffocate the globe.

According to the latest research 93 % of all clothes end up in the bin, even though they can be recycled. On average, all clothes are only washed 6-7 times before they are thrown out. This means, that 80 percent of all discarded clothes still have around two thirds of their life left. So not only is the textile industry one of the most polluting in the world the fashion trends it encourages inexorably lead to a tendency to waste which exacerbates the problem.

And the leather industry is one of the most polluting parts of the textile calamity because of its high use of toxic chemicals such as the carcinogenic Chromium, acids and sodium salts and the huge number of animals whose bodies themselves create hazards.

It all points to an urgent rethink on our relationship with clothes which is what BWF is about and why it is taking the lead – as one of the most progressive and groundbreaking fashion brands: an eco-friendly alternative that makes it easy and affordable to be stylish.

Forever fashion – a totally new fashion concept

We are the ultimate disruptive technology because we hit at the core concept of fashion – we simply change the garment not the wardrobe.

Our idea is built on 100% recycling, so our clothes are in a continual state of development, using the same raw materials – because of that our leather clothes stop the wasteful and environmentally damaging processes of the fast fashion industry.

The only things we create are good looking clothes an environmentally sustainable product and a circular economy where the clothes get worn-out properly in all senses of the word.

At BWF we make the world’s best leather jackets from super supple leather creating beautiful clothes that give you the opportunity to wear a beautiful idea.

We have proved that recycling, sharing and fashionable design can go hand in hand.

So how does it work?
It’s actually simple. We take, acquire reclaimed leather and make very good-looking jackets from it. If you’ve bought one and think it’s out of fashion, you return it to us and get 50% off a new BWF jacket, that is more contemporary and we give your old BWF jacket a make-over to bring it up to date. If it has been literally worn-out then we recycle everything from it and it becomes part of another jacket – this way the jackets can make more people happy.

When you buy and use BWF jackets, you take care of our planet, while sending a message to the world that you are actively making a difference for the environment.

7 steps which make BWF unique




All our raw materials are from hides and leather which are handed in for recycling. We pay a fixed price per kilogram to various NGOs. The result is a huge environmental saving, because we don’t need to produce new leather for our products.


With our circular model the products are designed in a way that makes recycling easier. Our jackets are fashioned so they can easily be repaired. As each recycled hide is different all BWF jackets are unique and individual pieces of art.


Rent or buy your jacket online from our website. BWF is an “online-only” brand and therefore you will only find the jackets in our web-shop. This will ensure you a cheaper product, because we have cut out the middleman. Whether you lease or buy our jackets – remember to return them when you have finished with them.


The jacket is yours, but we own the hide. This means we repair your jacket if you are unlucky enough to damage it. If it’s a case of natural wear or an accident we will even do it for free.


And if you get bored with your jacket well that’s not a problem either just select the style that you want on our the web shop send us the old one back and you’re off making the fashion statement that you want for half the price of a new jacket. What’s not to like?


This is where the fun starts. When we receive BWF jackets that are so worn that they cannot be rebuilt, we take them out of circulation and the unique story made by the jacket during its life, is now incorporated into the making of one of our new collection of jackets and reborn. This means that each new jacket contains part of an ongoing story that will warm the world, a part of your story.


Bring your jacket with you on adventures, to concerts or to the theatre, but remember to save the memories. With our unique storytelling system it is possible to continue writing the jacket’s story, so it can be shared with the rest of the world. When you wish to replace your jacket, you can either give it to a friend of return it to BWF, where its story continues – when the next member of the BWF family uses it.

We think reuse can teach the fashion industry to grow up

 The textile industry has in many years specialized itself in developing a narcissistic throw away culture that has served its own selfish interests.

The focus is on cheaper textiles of bad quality that are meant to be used a few times and then thrown away, so that they can be replaced with new more ‘fashionable’ clothes, and so on and on this wasteful cycle goes.

The problem though is that this model overexploits valuable resources and generates huge amounts of CO2 and pollution.

At Better World Fashion, we have chosen to face the crowd and find a way to make clothes that can make our planet a better place to be. We offer our customers the opportunity to switch between designs as often as they would like and to take part in the solution for the ‘little use and throw away’ culture.

We have developed a production method and a business model, where you can get warm and fashionable clothes but for once you contribute to a sustainable future using materials until they are worn out and thus minimising your environmental impact.

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