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Leather Jackets women

  Women’s jackets

Our exquisite and unique collection of leatherjackets for women are intended to provide you with the opportunity to express yourself and express your love for the natural world in a way that we hope is comfortable for your boy and your conscience. We think that, that is the perfect fit because all of our jackets are made of recycled leather and therefore 100 % sustainable. What’s more because the leather has been worn in for you by experts just like you the leather fits you like a glove. What could be more perfect? With our jackets you can be trendy, stylish, snug and just a little smug because you have made a good decision and helped to take care of our environment.



The women behind the name

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Sustainable and reworked leather

A unique product

At Better World Fashion you are always guaranteed a unique product, when you buy or lease one of our reworked skin jackets for women. All of our leather jackets are made of recycled materials, which are given a new lease of life with our constantly evolving designs. The leather not only remains beautiful for ages it become even more beautiful with time. Which makes it a great material for our circular model, allowing us the opportunity to present our clothes to you not old wine in new bottles but vintage leather in designs to die for, that minimises the suffering of animals.

Reworked skin

None of our jackets have started out as new all have been reworked. Every single one comes from a recycled leatherjacket, which has previously been used and loved.

Our tailors carefully collect each piece of leather to make each jacket so our jackets are more like pieces of art than mass-production textiles which puts high demands on each tailor as each jacket has unique stitches or is a combination of various types of leather.

There may be other jackets out there that look like yours, but only one that is unique to you because of the process used to make it.

Body-hugging with details 
We have worked on our figure hugging female jackets to add details like rough zippers and an edgy, retro-look that refers back to their biker origins to achieve what we hope is a raw, yet feminine look. We create jackets that combine fashion and sustainability in the right way, jackets for women that are statements of style and social conscience.

As you can tell we want you to share our personal environmental hobby horse and not simply be a clothes horse, but we don’t see why that should involve sacrifices because if you really want to make a difference you have to think about what you are doing.

That’s why BWF has deliberately made a platform, where you can play with different trends and whenever you wish to replace your jacket, you just choose a new one in our web-shop and return the old one.

Sustainable materials

And if that’s not to your taste, we can offer you many other models, all at the same price. So it does not get more expensive to choose a different design when you wish to replace your jacket.

Better World Fashion is fashion without limits and since our jackets are produced of both fashionable and sustainable materials, you do not need to worry about the environment because we do not believe that sustainability has to be difficult or expensive. We think that you should not have to compromise, when you want to do something good for our world it should be natural.


Sustainable leather jackets for men and women | BWF


  • ”I love fashion, but I think a lot about the planet’s future”


    The woman behind the name

    Dayana is 23, comes from Bulgaria, and lives and studies in Aalborg. Classical ballet is her big passion, and an art form, which she both studies and teaches. Though shopping and spending time with her friends is also a must for her.


    At BWF we are very grateful for Dayana’s voluntary help both in the office and as a model. She has played a big part in the development of BWF so we have dedicated this jacket to her.

    She says: “I see this as a good opportunity to make a difference, because I love fashion while I also think a lot about the planet’s future. BWF is an amazing opportunity to change the textile industry’s negative influence on the environment.

  • Eik

  • ”It’s about time that idea got carried out”


    The woman behind the name

    Eik is 21, lives in Aalborg and is studying EUX at Aalborg Business College. She enjoys student life and is active on the board of the dorm where she lives. In her spare time she spends time with family and friends and she loves to travel. Despite her youth she has lived, in addition to Denmark, in the Faroe Islands and New Zealand.

    When Eik was asked to model for BWF, she didn’t know anything about the project, apart from it being about leather jackets. When she heard about the principles behind BWF, she immediately said yes. “I think it’s a brilliant idea to use recycled hide, and it is about time that idea got put into practice. I’m therefore happy to be able to be a part of the start-up”
    And we are happy to have you Eik! That’s why the “cowboy” jacket is dedicated to you.

  • Tanja

  • ”Where I can recycle, I do”


    The woman behind the name

    Tanja is 39, married and has two kids. Yoga is her passion and it helps her relax. Her heart is also dedicated for recycling of clothes and furniture. “It’s as much a lifestyle as it is a conscious choice – So where I can reuse, I do”

    Tanja is a skilled hairdresser with her own salon and is up to date with latest trends. Her salon is located in Gistrup just outside of Aalborg – check it here: Aesthetic is an important part of her professional life, which she also believes is present in BWF’s jackets. Therefore we at BWF are happy that she’d like to model for us. Her help has been invaluable so we have dedicated this “retro biker” jacket to Tanja.