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Leather Jackets men

Men’s jackets

Do you like to dress distinctively and keep on bumping into people wearing the same thing as you?

Our collection of quality designer leatherjackets for men, gives you the opportunity to make the difference you want a style that
you fits perfectly and meets your taste and preferences.


All of our sustainable leatherjackets for men are “one of a kind”, produced entirely on recycled leather. Choose the jacket that fits you best and get the best of so many worlds, unique leatherjacket, made of the finest softest figure hugging leather, the warm feeling that comes with looking good and you will also get the feel-good feeling of doing something for the environment.



The man behind the name

If you would like to know about the people behind the names, please click on the buttons below for more information.


Sustainable and reworked leather

The backbone of your wardrobe

We want to make our men’s leatherjackets a ”must have” in any wardrobe.

With a leatherjacket from Better World Fashion you send a clear statement: You have fashion sense while still having sense enough to think of others rather than yourself.

A jacket for everything

There are not many clothes that can go with anything in your wardrobe but our jackets can, not only do they sit well with the world, they fit well with the rest of your clothes and because of our unique buyback offer we want to make sure that it actually becomes the backbone of your wardrobe.

Reworked leather that creates a unique look from a unique product

With a leather jacket from Better World Fashion, you create your own look. The jackets are refined, which means that they are constructed of recycled leather jackets that have previously been used and loved.

Our tailors carefully select each piece of leather to make each new jacket. Our jackets are therefore not simply textiles sewn into a garment but more like pieces of art, which puts high demands on each tailor, each of whom put their unique stamp on each jacket.

A process that BWF has honed and developed with its interpretations of classic designs like the biker jacket a conscious attempt to take a design that has not gone out of fashion and give it as much longevity as possible.


Sustainable materials

And if that’s not to your taste, we can offer you many other models, all at the same price. So it does not get more expensive to choose a different design when you wish to replace your jacket.

Better World Fashion is fashion without limits and since our jackets are produced of both fashionable and sustainable materials, you do not need to worry about the environment because we do not believe that sustainability has to be difficult or expensive. We think that you should not have to compromise, when you want to do something good for our world it should be natural.

Sustainable leather jackets for men and women | BWF


  • “An exciting project”


    The man behind the name

    Alexander is 29 years old, a twin and originally from Russia. He lives in Aalborg with his girlfriend Emilie. Alexander lives and breathes for Crossfit. He has practiced sports for five years and is now a level 1 instructor.

    Alexander has been a big supporter for BWF, and we are very grateful. What he says about his involvement: “When I heard about BWF and was asked to help, I of course answered YES! I think BWF is an exciting project, which I’d like to support.” For this reason we have chosen to dedicate one of our jackets to Alexander.

  • Peter

  • ”One has to start with himself”


    The man behind the name

    Peter is 46, lives in Aalborg and works as a tailor, stylist and makeup artist. He makes beautiful dresses and costumes – both for private use and for theatres. Visit, and get inspired. Peter describes himself as an easygoing guy with a creative soul. He loves to go the theatre and prepare delicious dishes for his friends.

    Peter has been kind enough to share his experience and has helped BWF by styling our models. His help has been invaluable, and that’s why we have dedicated the “Street” jacket to him. What he says about his involvement in BWF: “By myself I can’t do anything – but if we all have that same attitude, we won’t get anywhere. Therefore we have got to start with ourselves and hope our efforts spread like bubbles in the water”

  • Thomas

  • ”I support everything green”


    The man behind the name

    Thomas is 49, a single dad of two boys, is an independent entrepreneur who works in the textile industry. He is a man of the world and loves to travel. As a result he has lived in various places, both in the East and in Europe. He goes to the gym and enjoys roller-skating in the park, taking photos and experimenting with them in photo shop.

    ”I support everything green and whenever I see a project with a good purpose, I do my best to help as much as possible.” Thank you Thomas we appreciate it and in return for the time he has spent as a model for BWF we are dedicating this jacket to him.