Leasing agreement

For the danish version – please download our Leasing agreement in PDF here

You will be receiving your own leasing agreement with the correct delivery return dates together with your confirmation e-mail at the time of signing a subscription at Better World Fashion. The user agreement describes the details in a dry and lawyered language between you and us. Remember to check up on whether the agreement you are receiving along with your order confirmation is in compliance with what you have ordered on www.betterworldfashion.dk

User agreement between

Better World Fashion ApS A/S CVR-no/VAT ID: 36559489
Anemonevej 39, 9400 Nørresundby
(From hereby one regarded to as BWF)


Customer number, name, billing address, address of delivery, phone number, e-mail address
(From hereby one regarded to as »The subscriber«. Individually regarded to as »party« and collectively regarded to as »parties«)

1. Date of order

The date of which you order the product

2. Date of delivery

The date of which you will be receiving the products

3. Clothes

With effect from the day of delivery in relation to point 2 the parties involves in a present user agreement regarded to the subscriber’s use of BWF products as is specified in this point. The user agreement includes as follows (From hereby one regarded to as »the clothes«)

Your subscription at BWF includes as follows:
1 leather jacket
BWF takes reservations for obsolete items. In the case of a product being in surplus stock or is deleted from our inventory, your order will be delayed until a product fits your style.

4. The period of use (6 months)

The period of use begins from the day you receive the product and 6 months onward. (example: May 1st 2017 until November 1st 2017, whereas we receive the product again)

5. Delivery and replacement/final return of the clothes

The subscriber receives information at a reasonable time regarding as to how the shipping will take place

6. Duration and termination

The user agreement lasts from the date of delivery and 3 months onward unless the agreement gets extended. The subscriber can at any time terminate the agreement a month before the duration expires

7. Price

The monthly payment is at EUR 25. There is a fixed first payment lasting for a period of 6 months whereas the the total price is EUR 150. After the ended fixed payment period it is renewed by an additional month unless the agreement is terminated.

8. Payments

The monthly payments are withdrawn from the registered credit card and are transferred via Teller as an automatic credit card payment.

8.1 Receipts

Each month you will get a receipt on email to confirm your payment.

8.2 Changing your creditcard informations

Should you need to change your creditcard informations, please contact os through our contact form, or by phone.

9. Right of cancellation

The subscriber has the right to step back from the user agreement without reasons as in before 14 days has past from the date of delivery of the clothes. The right of cancellation expires after the day of which the subscriber or one of the subscriber’s specified third parties (The carrier is not included) receives the first delivery of the clothes and is in possession of it. In order to use the right of cancellation the subscriber is obligated to communicate to BWF the decision of cancelling the agreement in an unambiguous declaration (using an e-mail or a letter).
The subscriber may take use of the standard cancellation form but it is not mandatory. The subscriber also has the opportunity of filling and sending the cancellation form or any other unambiguous message to info@betterworldfashion.dk. If the subscriber uses this opportunity BWF will sent out a receipt immediately notifying that it is received. The right of cancellation is met if the subscriber sends a message related to the use of the right of cancellation before the cancellation right has expired.

10. Effects of cancellation

If the subscriber uses the right of cancellation in the user agreement on time BWF will refund all payments received from the subscriber whereas the delivery costs are included (with the kind of delivery offered by BWF). The payments will be received, without unnecessary delays, and will under no circumstances surpass 14 days from the date BWF has received the message of the subscriber’s decision of cancelling the agreement. BWF will complete the refund by using the same payment as the subscriber has been using at the original transaction.
The subscriber will under no circumstances be imposed with any kind of fee relating to the refund. BWF may withhold the refund until the clothes has been received by BWF or until the subscriber has presented documentation proving the return of the clothes, depending on which is received first. The subscriber is to return the clothes or deliver it to:
Better World Fashion ApS, Anemonevej 39, 9400 Nørresundby

The clothes are to be returned without any unnecessary delay and 14 days after the subscriber has informed BWF of the use of the right of cancellation the latest. The deadline is met if the subscriber returns the clothes before the 14 days has passed.

If BWF does not receive the clothes, BWF will require payment of the full value of the items to be paid. If BWF does not receive either payment or items, we will pass these matters to the legal department.