About BWF

We believe in change

At BWF we believe in change, not compromise. We question the idea that environmental awareness is connected with taking shorter baths, biking instead of driving, turning off the lights etc. In short we have created a brand where you, the environment, the animals and everybody else win, each time you choose to wear your BWF jacket. This is a not a choice of lifestyle it is about a style of life to benefit life.

The world needs Better World Fashion, and
we need you!


At BWF we are determined to revolutionize the way the textiles are produced, used and disposed. We are eco-friendly in each production stage.
We collect old leather products, which otherwise would end up in the dump and include them in our production process, creating jackets that say everything about you
and – we hope – changing harmful industry processes for ever.

We dream big!

In short we dream of a better world where natural resources are not overexploited and where concepts like waste are banished and it is seen instead as a resource. Waste is simply that – a waste.

Our journey has begun with leather – something that only gets better with use – making a desirable material rather than creating an environmental headache.

Three men with big dreams

Karsten, Kresten and Reimer are the three founders of BWF, three idealists who want to make the planet a better place.

Not three hippies, a guitar and a bonfire but three experienced businessmen who want their children to live in a better world.

What they all have in common is their concern for the increasing pollution and overexploitation of the world’s scarce resources and a dedication and passion for high quality materials and eye-catching designs. Their common interests, experience and abilities make them the ideal team to bring the ideas behind BWF into the new way of doing business for the clothing industry.

Karsten, BWF’s product-nerd, is the father of Philip and Chris and has more than 20 years of experience in the textile and leather industry, 15 of those in Southeast Asia. As a result he knows the business inside and out.

Kresten, father to Johannes and Solvej, is BWF’s technology-nerd with 15 years experience as a successful serial technology entrepreneur. He is also the general manager of the Aalborg Carnival so he should also know how to get a party started.

Reimer is BWFs marketing-nerd. The father of Frida and Ella, he has a PHD and is an associate professor at Aalborg University focusing on international marketing and new media and a long history of successful digital business start-ups.

BWF is our baby – help us to grow

BWF is not just a company. It is literally a way of life, but we need you.

Because even though we love our Better World Fashion jackets and we use them as often as possible, that will only achieve so much for the environment – a well meant gesture but only a drop in the ocean. That’s why we are sharing our dreams with you, and hope that you will love your BWF-jacket as much as we do.

Help us to share the message – tell your friends and acquaintances about your amazing jacket, and start to be the difference that you want to see in the world.

Much more than just a fashion brand!

Better World Fashion is more than just a business. It is a hope for people and for nature. Put on a BWF jacket, and you can walk tall, happy in the knowledge that you are small part of a big change – part of the BWF family and the solution to a global problem.
As Mahatma Gandhi said:

 ”Be the change that you wish
to see in the world.”